Kina – Midtens rike 中国班

Møre Folkehøgskule


Basic Chinese

Lesson 01 – I am Norwegian

Lesson 02 – What is this

Lesson 03 – Who are they

 Lesson 04: Date and time

Lesson 05: We will travel to China

Lesson 06: What are you doing

Lesson 07: English class – Let’s talk about Norway

Lesson 08: English class – Let’s sing a song


Part 1: Introduction    
Part 2: Pictogram ((xiàng) (xíng) – form imitation)
Part 3: Simple ideograms ((zhǐ) (shì) – indication)
Part 4: Ideogrammic compounds ((huì) ( yì) –  joined meaning)
Part 5: Pictophonetic characters ((xíng) (shēng) – form and sound)
Part 6: Radicals (() (shǒu))


Lesson 01: Vowels, consonants and tones
Lesson 02: Compound vowels, numbers
Lesson 03: Spelling rules (1)
Lesson 04: Spelling rules (2)
Sing a song: Farewell
Pinyin on PC and Mobile


How many words can you?

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