Kina – Midtens rike 中国班

Møre Folkehøgskule

Kids, sun burns and bruises …

The time had come. Our whole school year had been working up to this moment.


On the bus to our first school the nerves were building. As we walked up to the school gates we could hear the shouts of children from everywhere. We were shaking. However, as we saw the bright faces of the children of Lilong hopeschool every nerve we had disappeared. They were so energetic and ready to start the day with their new teachers. Thus, our hard work was put into practice.

In the first class they were learning the names of animals while in the second class, they learnt the words to ‘baby shark’. In the third class they had gym class, mean while in the forth class they learnt about their possible jobs in the future. In the fifth class they learnt different emotions and lastly in the sixth class, they stuck to more traditional forms of learning such as worksheets.

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Apart from class we also had a lot of time to play in the playground, playing various sports, such as: badminton, skip rope, football and other exhausting activities. As the sun scorched down on us giving us all sun burns, our time at Lilong had come to a close. After a day and a half of getting to know the children, attachments had been made, meaning tears were shed. Our experience there was unforgettable and we hope that we have left the children with a curious mind, and hope them all the best. Lilong xiao pengyou women ai nimen! (The children in Lilong, we love you!) <3

Next we had Qiaotoupu hopeschool, however, at this point we felt like experts. We were so ready to spread joy to a new bunch of fresh faced kids.

This school only had younger children meaning learning was kept to a minimum and fun and games were amplified. Animals and colours were taught through games, dances and songs. Break time was efficiently spent chasing and piggybacking.

What I really enjoyed about the kids at this school was that they really appreciated the world around them and acted the way children should, without the distractions of technology which is often seen in more privileged children.

After lunch we played outdoor games with candy prizes. It truly was a magical feeling seeing the smiles of the children after spinning them around or having them on your shoulders. Without sounding like a cliché, it was one of the most rewarding days ever. Everyone was so sad to say goodbye however Elinor and I had a particularly hard time saying goodbye to this school. Lets just say there were a lot of ugly crying pictures of us on snapchat :/

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All of the collecting of plastic bottles and delivering cookies in cold snow was very much worth it, after seeing who the money we raised was helping. Thank you to both the schools and of course Sumin and Haibiao for allowing us this unique and enlightening opportunity. Unforgettable!


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