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The Legend of the Holy Mountains


The Legend of the Holy Mountains, and Those Who Dared to Cross its Path.

Greetings, friends from Norway. I have come here to inform you about our amazing and epic trip across the Wudangshan Mountains. But in order to do that, I must start at the very beginning. It began, at a hotel further down in the village…

Early in the morning, when the birds were yet to make their first flight of the day, 20 young warriors arised from the beds at the hotel. It seemed like any other early morning, but something was different. It was almost like we all had a feeling, that soon our courage and strenght would be tested to our limit. Little did we know, that we were right.

Today was the day, that we, the brave soldiers of the Dragon Gate, were about to climb the furious, yet beautiful Mountains of Wudangshan. Several bus changes were needed in order get us to the starting point. We arrived at our next hotel, prepared our gear, then set out to do the impossible. The climb towards the top had begun.

The road and stairs were all made out of stone. You have to really admire the effort put into making them, because during the entire journey we had these roads and stairs to guide us closer to our goal. Our stamina got quite tested during our walk up the beautiful mountains, but even so, the scenery made you almost forget the hard work it required in order to climb up. The locals, the people living and working up there, tried to make our journey a little less though, by having set up several shops along the path.

But, it was at the top our reward awaited. There, a mighty Taoistic Temple rested. Many other brave Warriors of Fate had made it all the way, but even though there were much noise at the top, you could really feel the harmony and silence provided by the temple walls. It was almost like you could touch it with your bare hands. A once in a lifetime experience.

The view spoke for itself. Even the strongest dragons would be impressed by what could be seen at the very top. Mountain after mountain. Tree after tree. Stone after stone. Endless, would be a fitting word to describe it.

Greatly satisfied by our achievement, we stared the descent. Some would say it was perhaps the hardest part, because of the old roads and stairs, and the ice along it. None the less, we made it down, all of us.

To celebrate our victorious mission of honor, we traveled to a local restaurant. Food were eaten, and every single soldier felt that this day, this very day, would be remembered forever. It is truly a proof that nothing is impossible. With a little effort, you can do anything you desire.

This day will go into the history books, it will even become a legend among legends. It will become known as ”The Legend of the Holy Mountains, and Those Who Dared to Cross its Path.”

Marius from top of  Wudang-mountains

Bilder fra skoleåret 2011/2012

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  1. Nina R

    Hahahaha! Epic!

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